Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions.

This is not an investment platform, this is my platform where I provide crypto exchange services in Zambia. In short, I help people buy and sell crypto. If you would like to support this idea, you can get your referral link and refer people who want to buy or sell crypto to me and earn commissions.
The exchange rates I use are from this currency & crypto converter. My website auto updates the rates for all currencies and crypto once in every 24hours. So there might be a slightly small un-noticeable difference. You can view my rates on the exchange rates page. Please note that, there are no fees or spreads added to exchange rates, you buy and sell to me at the same rate.
Yes fees are there and they are in percentages ranging from 1% to upto 20%. My website is transparent, before you proced in making payments, you will be able to see the fees. There are also other fees that I don't have control over like bitcoin sending fees and so on. Here are the fees
I am currently the fastest and trusted exchanger in Zambia right now. Most exchanges are completed within 20 minutes. But in some cases, like bitcoin exchanges, takes upto 3 hours. Other factors also may affect how fast the exchanges can be such as amount, availability of funds and how busy I am. You will be able to see the progress on this website and you will also be notified via email on the progress of every step. Incase of unusual delay, text or WhatsApp 0977770202.